Supporting women through
the journey of breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is a natural process, but is a skill and needs to be practiced.  It does not always come naturally to all parents.  Research has shown mothers, especially new mothers, need ongoing support with breastfeeding to meet their breastfeeding goals.


Along with the evidence based health benefits for mom and baby, breastfeeding can be a very special experience that promotes bonding. However, for some parents the process can be difficult and confusing.  Breastfeeding issues may result in parents stopping breastfeeding before they had planned to.  

In these cases, it might be necessary to see a lactation consultant, like myself, who can help evaluate milk supply, your baby’s breastfeeding skills, and many other factors that may result in breastfeeding challenges.  Certified lactation consultants provide follow-up care until the problem or concern is resolved.